Think of your favorite album. Odds are, the music conjures up some sort of mental image, right? Dark Side Of The Moon: A prism; Abbey Road: a crosswalk.

Artist Adam Brown is interested inthat connection — “the strange space between image and sound,” he says.

Which is why he’s gone out of his way to take a digital photo, turn it into audio waves, etch them onto a vinyl record, and “play” them back using a USB turntable and a projector.

It sounds complicated – and the technology behind it is. But Brown says that his project (which he calls “Concentrism”) is at its core “noisy, glitchy and fun.”

He’s using this complicated process to play around with boundaries between media, to ask “how does a photo translate into a sound?” Or “light waves into audio waves?”

Can You Hear A Photo? See A Sound? Artist Adam Brown Thinks So

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Adam Brown

(via nprmusic)

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